Morgen is known for her knack for making tax codes and strategies clear and understandable. An expert in cost segregation studies and fixed and capitalized asset concepts, Morgen is also passionate about trust administration. “I like to be a resource to help people navigate the process more easily when they are feeling personal loss,” she says.

While Morgen was hired by Glenn Burdette straight from Cal Poly after working her way through school as a bookkeeper, she is no stranger to moving around. As the child of a Navy pilot, she lived in 27 different homes while growing up, and one of her interesting experiences as a youth was the role of “hot walker,” someone who cools down race horses at the track.

A real “do it yourselfer,” Morgen may be found up to her elbows in gardening, painting, cooking and stone and tile work projects. She also volunteers as the treasurer for San Luis Obispo High School’s Boosters Club. “I like to support local education and athletics, especially in light of the severe budget cuts,” she says. “I’ve learned that really hard work pays off and to get back on that horse, no matter what.”

  • Morgen enjoys fast-pitch travel softball with her husband and two daughters.
  • An avid gardener, Morgen has served as treasurer for the San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden.
  • Morgen has worked for regional firms in upstate New York and Wyoming.