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Wine Industry Services

In many ways, wine­mak­ing is like account­ing — in order to suc­ceed, you need to plan ahead, man­age vari­ables and pay atten­tion to detail.

As the pre­mier CPA firm locat­ed in the Cen­tral Coast wine coun­try, we take pride in under­stand­ing the unique require­ments of the wine indus­try. Accord­ing­ly, our wine indus­try spe­cial­iza­tion team now man­ages the account­ing, attes­ta­tion, tax com­pli­ance, and plan­ning needs of more than 100 vine­yard and win­ery operations.

Includes audit, review, and com­piled finan­cial statements

  • LIFO and oth­er inven­to­ry methods
  • Inven­to­ry con­trol and valuation
  • Change of account­ing method appli­ca­tion to opti­mize tax strategies
  • Bud­get­ing and cash flow
  • Har­vest and account­ing cycles
  • Strate­gic busi­ness planning
  • Busi­ness enti­ty selection
  • Busi­ness plans
  • Assis­tance with bank financing
  • Cash vs. accru­al account­ing methods
  • Tax prepa­ra­tion for busi­ness enti­ties and owners
  • Finan­cial vs. tax account­ing methods
  • IRS rep­re­sen­ta­tion
  • Cost seg­re­ga­tion and fixed asset studies
  • Max­i­miz­ing cur­rent fund­ing of deferred plans
  • ROTH IRA con­ver­sion planning
  • Gen­er­a­tional transition
  • Con­troller / CFO outsourcing
  • Quick­Books sup­port and consulting
  • Sales tax, pay­roll, and pay­roll tax preparation
  • Busi­ness prop­er­ty tax preparation