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Sherri Y. Parkinson

  • Away from the office

  • Sherri worked for several high-tech startups in the Bay Area
  • When Sherri and her family travel, they limit themselves to one backpack each, and everyone carries their own!
  • Sherri has trekked in Peru, Nepal, Australia and New Zealand (to name a few places)

At a young age Sherri realized two things about herself: She was good with numbers, and she had a passion for travel. Nothing has changed. Throughout the years, this SLO County native and Cal Poly graduate has flexed her accounting skills in a number of positions all the while taking time out for various travel adventures.

Sherri is also as much a people person as she is a numbers cruncher. She is passionate about partnering with her clients and making them the best they can be, whether that means looking at ways to improve their internal control processes or getting all the disclosures correct in their financial statements. She has extensive experience with non-profit clients, and also works with for-profit clients, local governments, universities and community colleges.

Besides exotic travel excursions with her husband and children, Sherri spends her free time as an avid runner and community volunteer for various organizations.

Says Sherri, “Make sure to take chances and don’t worry about the future. It always works out if you stay engaged and enjoy what you are doing.”