• Away from the office

  • Kristy loves the arts and enjoys volunteering with the local film festival and community theater.
  • She is passionate about travel and adventure.

After working as a credit manager with a number of local companies that successfully used Glenn Burdette for audits, Kristy decided that she’d like to come on board as part of the team. “They were seeking a credit and collections consultant and created a spot for me,” she says.

With over 35 years of credit and collection experience, Kristy specializes in making each client’s accounts receivable department a problem-free zone. “I make an effort to establish relationships with people, and it makes a difference in what can be a difficult part of their business,” she says.

When not at work, Kristy enjoys traveling as well as hiking with friends followed by cooking meals together. Since falling in love with San Luis Obispo 35 years ago, this San Francisco Bay Area native has become rooted in the Central Coast community, and particularly enjoys volunteering with the local film festival, community theater and Senior Nutrition Program of San Luis Obispo County. “Making a difference in the lives of others is important to me,” Kristy says.