• Away from the office

  • Kelsey enjoys mentoring Glenn Burdette staff members and seeing them develop and grow.
  • Kelsey was home schooled from first through 12th grade.

One of Kelsey’s favorite compliments she heard from a client was, “Thank you for making this whole tax thing less painful.” And that pretty much describes why Kelsey finds her work with Glenn Burdette so rewarding. “I like explaining tax laws and accounting concepts in easy-to-understand language using relatable examples,” Kelsey says. “I get excited at the chance to work with a new client and learn about their business and personal goals.” Kelsey’s primary client focus is on partnerships and corporations in industries such as real estate, construction, hospitality and healthcare.

Her reputation for maintaining a calm, logical stance in any situation may be attributed to the fact that she learned to be responsible and reliable early in life by getting her first job at age 12. A native of Cambria, Kelsey excelled at math in school and eventually studied accounting. She worked for Ernst & Young in the San Francisco Bay Area before deciding to return to the Central Coast to be near her family.

It’s not surprising that Kelsey’s favorite hobbies include rock climbing, kayaking, paddle boarding and hiking considering that she grew up amid the region’s coastal beauty. “I’m really thankful for the work and life balance that Glenn Burdette allows,” Kelsey says.