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Our Approach

Mission Statement

Each day we make a personal commitment to go beyond - build deeper relationships, provide innovative solutions, work collaboratively as a team, serve our community, and be active stewards for the future of Glenn Burdette.

Commitment to Service

Accounting is often called a numbers business, but we view it as a service business. We are deeply committed to serving our clients, who are responsible for our success; our employees, who are the heart and soul of our firm; and our community, where we make our homes, raise our families and participate in activities that enrich our lives.

Dedication to Clients

“...help them seize opportunities today, and offer solutions for their challenges ahead”

Our goal is to go above and beyond for our clients, creatively applying our expertise and experience to meet their individual needs. We help them seize opportunities today, and offer solutions for their challenges ahead. We serve a diverse base of large, middle-market and small owner-managed businesses in a wide range of industries, and we are also proud to serve a number of nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies and individuals.

Loyalty to Employees

We foster an environment where hard work and client service are rewarded. In 2000, Glenn Burdette became the first CPA firm in California to become employee owned, developing an authentic investment in the professional development and personal success of our team. We believe that happy employees make the most satisfied clients.

Involvement in Community

Community service is integral to the culture of Glenn Burdette. Our employees serve on local nonprofit boards, and are active in chambers of commerce and service clubs from Santa Maria to Paso Robles. Following are just some of the organizations that our firm and employees support with their time and resources: