Winery Management Toolkit

With several hundred wineries on the Central Coast, Glenn Burdette is frequently asked for business tools and templates to assist winery owners, managers, accountants and bookkeepers as they navigate the complexities associated with winery accounting and finance. As part of the Central Coast Wine Region, Glenn Burdette’s Winery Management Toolkit offers resources to help small business owners. These tools are “open source,” meaning they can be modified by you to fit your particular needs. With these tools you can gain deeper insight and feedback from your business at its various stages. Please contact our Wine Team (805.544.1441) if you would like to discuss any of these tools and how they could be utilized in your business.

+ Inventory Costing

+ FOB & Revenue Matrix

+ Sample Chart of Accounts

About Chart of Account Numbering:

Accounting best practices use a standardized numbering system for the chart of accounts. This assists with data input, mapping of general ledgers to financial statements and tax return preparation and assists with tracing, ticking and tying schedules to specific accounts. We recommend that each account be assigned a number. By using six digits you can break down your chart of accounts into cost pools and expense categories.

General Structure:

10000 · Assets
20000 · Liabilities
30000 · Equity
40000 · Revenue
50000 · Cost of Goods Sold
60000 · Production Costs (allocate to inventory)
70000 · Sales & Marketing Expenses
80000 · General & Administrative
90000 · Other Income & Expenses

+ Sales Forecast

+ Incentive Compensation

+ Financial Statement Analysis

+ Case Goods Storage Analysis

DISCLAIMER: This toolkit is provided to you as a courtesy and is not designed to be used or interpreted as a method of accounting that can be used for GAAP or tax compliance purposes. The figures contained in the sample data set are completely fictional and should not be viewed as indicative of industry standard. Further, any similarity of these figures to any organization are merely coincidental.